Tuesday 6 September 2016

E-lectern- an integrated solution to deliver speech, lecture and presentation

E-Lectern is a platform to deliver multimedia presentation, speech or lecture using integrated State-of-the-Art equipments.

  • Cabinet:  Metallic body, drawer for document camera, space for PC , audio system and tray for laptop.
  • Computer System of desired configuration 
  • Touch Interactive panel
  • HD Visualiser to capture and record the session 
  •  Amplifier
  •  Inbuilt Speakers 
  •  Goose-neck, hand-held and lapel microphones 
  •  Speech prompter to deliver speech fluently 
  •  Switching and splitting for desired number of devices.
  • Proper cables/connectors management.
  • Doors, draws and trays are secured by locking systems.
  •  Input/output ports: VGA In/Out, HDMI In/Out, Audio In/Out, LAN, USB, XLR etc. 

Tuesday 1 March 2016

Smart Wooden Podium

  • Smart Wooden Podium made of rubber wood
  • Integrated Computer System
  • Touch Monitor Mount
  • Provision for Document Camera
  • Audio System such as amplifier, speakers and microphone integration.
  • Laptop Tray
  • Input/Output Ports:  USBs, HDMI, VGAs,  Audio-In/Out etc.

Friday 26 February 2016

Digital Podium for interactive presentation

Digital Podium is manufactured using high quality of metallic sheets and is ready to deploy in conference room, classroom and auditorium. We design the digital podiums in a way that fulfills the complete requirement of today’s modern classroom. Digital Podium integrates computer system, touch panel monitor, goose-neck document camera, amplifier, speakers, goose-neck and handheld microphones, projectors connectivity and other required equipment with existing hardware connectivity.
Digital or smart podium has all the required ports such as USB, XLR, VGA, HDMI, LAN, Audio in/out etc.
WiFi and security enabled digital podium is widely used to deliver interactive presentation and lecture.

Saturday 6 February 2016

Smart Podium and Digital Rostrum manufacturer

We are the manufacturer of smart podium for smart classroom and conference room. We supply digital podiums in all over the India. Smart podium integrates the computer system, touch screen panel, amplifier, speakers, goose-neck and hand-held microphones. It has all the input-output ports such as USB, HDMI, LAN, Audio and other desired ports.
Smart podium is used to deliver interactive lecture or presentation electronically. Smart podium is manufactured using premium quality of metallic sheets. It also can be customized according to customers’ specifications.  

Thursday 14 January 2016

Digital Podium-an integrated solution for smart classroom

Digital podium manages live events and presentation. It comprises of touch monitor, PC, touch controller, audio system, RFID, RMS system and other devices equipped with it.
Smart wooden podium is manufactured using premium quality of rubber wood. It integrates all the equipments required for smart classroom and conference room.
Digital Podium For Smart Education