Tuesday, 6 September 2016

E-lectern- an integrated solution to deliver speech, lecture and presentation

E-Lectern is a platform to deliver multimedia presentation, speech or lecture using integrated State-of-the-Art equipments.

  • Cabinet:  Metallic body, drawer for document camera, space for PC , audio system and tray for laptop.
  • Computer System of desired configuration 
  • Touch Interactive panel
  • HD Visualiser to capture and record the session 
  •  Amplifier
  •  Inbuilt Speakers 
  •  Goose-neck, hand-held and lapel microphones 
  •  Speech prompter to deliver speech fluently 
  •  Switching and splitting for desired number of devices.
  • Proper cables/connectors management.
  • Doors, draws and trays are secured by locking systems.
  •  Input/output ports: VGA In/Out, HDMI In/Out, Audio In/Out, LAN, USB, XLR etc. 

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